Style Hair Comb Cutter

Style Hair Comb Cutter

Style Hair Comb Cuter

  • No Skill or effort required
  • Protective combs offer complete safety
  • It takes only seconds¬† to be well groomed
  • Be you own hairdresser

Color Black Black Dark Red Dark Red FEROZI Ferozi Gray Gray OFF-WHITE OFF WHITE RED Red
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Model No : Style Hair Comb Cutter
Product Description : Hair Comb Cutter

Style Hair Comb Cutter

MEN : Will be able, alone, to trim their nape or their temples very easily and ( even with some practice ) they will obtain a very successful result.

LADIES: In the same cases as above to blunt their hair, avoiding the famous fork that breaks the hair.

LARGE FAMILIES : The use of this comb becomes absolutely necessary, and it is very appreciated for save of money.

The picture below explains very clearly how to change the blades( standard blades ).

TRY IT you will be neither disappointed nor stolen but ALWAYS ENTHUSIASMED  

STYLE HAIR COMB-CUTTER is unbreakable and fully guaranteed.

Each toothcomb is clearly marked.


The whole family can use the ” COMB-CUTTER” Style Hair Cutter is available in various colours for personal identification.

One set of blades will give you five to ten hair cuts, depending on the thickness of hair .

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Black, Dark Red, FEROZI, Gray, OFF-WHITE, RED